Only 15% of buyers can
visualize the hidden potential of your home
for sale

“Sale with a guarantee”

We sell your house at a price acceptable to you or we will pay you € 1.000. Plus, save thousands on commission.

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Martina Homes is a company specialized in selling properties in need of renovation or remodeling.

Approximately 80% of buyers can not visualize the potential of your home, therefore if it is in need of renovation or remodeling work it could sabotage the sale. Our home selling program guarantees that 100% of potential buyers will be able to visualize the hidden potential. Besides, we make buyers feel motivated to choose your property by offering a “turnkey” program that means no renovating or remodeling work for them. We sell your property with or without commission, it is up to you.

How much could you save with Martina Homes?

At a traditional brokerage, the total commission is typically 5%–6% of the home’s selling price. At MARTINA HOMES you do not pay any commission or it does not exceed 1.5%.

Saving Example: Purchasing sale € 300.000

“Traditional” Real Estate Agents

Commission fee of up to 6%

Cost: Up to € 18.000

Martina Homes

Flat rate: € 1.850 or 1.5% commission

Savings: Up to € 16.650

“Traditional” Real Estate Agents

Commission fee of up to 6%

Cost: Up to € 18.000

Martina Homes

Flat rate: € 1.850 or 1.5% commission

Savings: Up to € 16.650

How do
we do it

Contact Us

Fill out our form and we will contact you to arrange an appointment in your property for sale.


Free Home Evaluation

We carry out a free evaluation according with historic sales price, quality of the neighborhood, the market, nearby features and the size, appeal, age and condition of the home.


Visibilization and Motivation

To help viewers visualize the hidden potential of your home our arquitecture and interior design team provide you with:

  • 3D render images
  • New floor plan configuration
  • Remodeling estimated budget
  • Estimated budget for reform
  • Potential buyers are attended by our architect/interiorist who provide advice and help them weigh the buying decision.

¿Qué imagen crees que atrae a más compradores?

Marketing your home

  • Your home is listed in the best real estate selling listing
  • We make your home listing details to be more than a simple description of your house
  • Your house photo will look 10 times better than your competition’s
  • A well-designed “For Sale” sign will generate phone calls.

Home showings management

  • We qualify the prospected buyers to only show the property to those who are financially capable and seem to have a serious interest.
  • Showings management.
  • We motivate potential buyers by offering a “turnkey” purchasing program with important discounts.
  • When it comes to sell a property in need of remodeling the lack of proper technical information is the best way to turn buyers off. In order to prevent this outcome, our architect/interior designer advises potential buyers on the remodeling viability, alternatives and cost.


Nuestro mayor valor

  • Marcos de la Torre

    I inherited a really big old house that I wanted to divide into two apartments and sell separately, but the whole management, refurbishment and selling process was overwhelming. Martina Homes offered me just what I needed: a unique company that takes care of everything with no middlemen, both for the refurbishment and for the following sale. The plan went perfectly: two beautiful apartments that I sold quickly at a good price.

  • Alba Serrano

    My partner and I wanted to buy a house to refurbish it to our taste. We didn’t have time to view lots of properties, nor did we want to run the risk of buying something that would then cause problems during the refurbishment. We trusted Martina Homes. They searched for us and then left us jaw-dropped with the luxury refurbishment personalised to our style at an affordable price.

  • Sophie Jones

    We lived in England and wanted to retire to Malaga. We dreamed of buying a big villa to refurbish and invite the family to visit. We trusted Martina Homes because we heard that they took charge of the search and later refurbishment, but, mostly, because we felt like they handled the job as if it were for themselves. We definitely made the right decision. They were fully dedicated and now we are living very happily in the house of our dreams.

  • Lily Evans

    I did the usual to try and sell an old house: call various estate agencies. Nothing works and on top of that I wasted a lot of time with viewings and buying offers that weren’t really serious. We put it in the hands of Martina Homes because they are specialised in the selling of properties that need refurbishment: they put a stop to our problems and within a few months we sold the house and saved a lot on commissions.


No commission plan*

Commitment and guarantee

  • Flat rate € 1.900 + VAT
  • We sell your home in 8 months or we pay you € 1.000
  • You only pay our flat rate fee when the property is sold

Commissioned sale plan*

Cost and time saving

  • Commission fee of 1.5%
  • We sell your home in 8 months
  • You only pay when the property is sold

* These sale programs are subject to certain terms and conditions.

What plans include:

Todos los servicios necesarios para poder vender tu vivienda a reformar adecuadamente:

  • Free home valuation
  • Real estate listing
  • Photos
  • 3D rendering images
  • Floor plan configuration
  • Sale sign
  • Showings management
  • Technical advice on the remodeling project
  • “Turnkey” remodeling program for buyers
  • Legal assistance
  • Financing options

You only get one chance to do things right from the beginning.

Please fill out the form below and we will contact you shortly.

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Success Stories


¿Qué diferencia hay entre Martina Homes y una inmobiliaria tradicional?

Martina Homes specializes in selling homes in need of remodeling or renovation.
We don’t charge any commission fee or it is much lower than usual. We are not just a new concept of real estate company but also an architecture, interior design and building contractor firm. Thanks to the synergy between all these diferent services you will sell your home faster at the best price.

Why don’t you charge any commission or it is lower than usual despite the fact your company offer a better service?

Martina Home’s mission is to democratize the access to specialized real estate and interior design services. This means, among other things, that the time for overcharging fees is over.

Why do you offer a payment guarantee in case the seller’s home can’t be sold ?

Because our non-commissioned sale plan is designed to compensate those homeowners who make a major effort to sell their homes.

Is this non-commissioned sale plan for everyone?

Actually, it is not for everyone. This plan is subject to certain term and conditions.

What if I can’t get this non-commissioned plan ?

No worries. You can use our standard service which only charge you 1.5% in commission and includes all what you need to sell your home faster at the best price.

The more real estate agents the better are my chances to sell my home. Is this true?

That was totally true before the internet, now it is not like that anymore. We advise you to choose a real estate agent experienced and trustworthy who you can rely on to work on your behalf before others real estate agencies and prospective buyers.

Will I increase my chances of selling with Martina Homes ?

Yes, you will maximise your chance of selling, and addittionally you will save time and money.

For whom is your service intended ?

For homeowners certainly committed with the selling process and aware of the fact that selling a home in need of remodeliing or renovation requires a different approach from the traditional way.

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