While you enjoy life
to the fullest
we make the house-hunting
and remodeling for you.

While you enjoy life
to the fullest
we make the house-hunting
and remodeling for you.

Purchasing Plan

Whether you are an investor or a buyer dreaming about making your home awesome, say goodbye to endless and useless house hunting visits and avoid taking unnecessary risks.

Our “turnkey” purchase plan frees you from all the hassles.

No more stress.

Inmobiliaria & Arquitectura

¿Qué hacemos?


We explore and inspect the real state market until we get the opportunity that fits you.


We redesign the space inspired by artisan spirit and cult to detail.


We remodel your home. You don’t have to lift a finger.

How do
we do it?

Contact Us

Fill out our form and a member of our team will contact you.


Search Criteria

We define with precision what are your search criteria through personal interviews and also with a test. From there, we begin the inspection of the available stock identifying the best opportunities according to both, yours and technical requirements of suitability for the remodeling.

House Hunting

When you contact traditional real estate agencies, you only have access to homes that represent for them an opportunity to obtain a commission through intermediation, the ones that don’t, stay out of your reach. On the other hand, the properties they show you don´t go through any tecnical inspection to confirm the feasibility of remodeling and too often they do not really correspond to your selection criteria, that’s why you end up frustrated after investing so much time in fruitless house viewings.

With Martina Homes you have more chances to find your dream house:

  • We acess all available opportunites from home owners reluctant to sell through real estate agents, since we don’t charge them any commission.
  • We acess all opportunites managed by real estate agents sparing your effort to get in touch with then and make house viewings that mostly turns out in vain.
  • We acess properties not advertised on real estate portals.
  • We study previously both your needs and likes.
  • We inspect every available opportunity in the market and technically analyze its potential, cost and feasibility of remodeling, which prevents you from taking wrong purchasing decisions that can result in a very high cost during the remodeling process.

The Visits

Say goodbye to endless viewings and make a purchase decision with guarantee:

  • Visit only those opportunities that really correspond to your search criteria and surpass our technical inspection requirements.
  • It doesn’t seem logical that the architect/ interior designer who will be
    responsible for the remodeling project does not get involved in the house-hunting.
    Our architect(designer will go with you in each visit to assists you about the potential, cost and feasibility of the remodeling work. Our properties selection service is totally linked with your interests instead of just being influenced by obtaining a commission.This purchasing system prevents you from having many unpleasant surprises during the renovation stage and therefore, spares you from losing money and many hassles.


After purchasing the property, our technical department manages integrally the
remodeling process including:

    • The design of renovation project
    • Building permits
    • Construction work ( we are also contractors)
    • Decoration plan
    • Personal shopper service (Construction Materials and furniture)
    • Home inspection

Your Plan


House in need of remodeling

  • House-hunting
  • House inspection
  • House-hunting rapport
  • Purchasing negotiation support
  • Technical advice
  • Conceptual design
  • Optional:
    • 3D Rendering


Business premises

  • Business premises-Hunting
  • Business premises inspection
  • Hunting rapport
  • Purchasing negotiation support
  • Technical advice
  • Conceptual design
  • Optional:
    • 3D Rendering
    • Market research

*Servicio extra: Consultar condiciones

Our best marketing is to connect with your expectations and dreams to make them come true at an affordable price.

Our best marketing is to connect with your expectations and dreams to make them come true at an affordable price.

Success Stories


Why a waiting list to receive the property selection service?

Because Martina Homes represents the new way to buy a house in need of remodeling in Malaga in which the buyer takes no risks, does not waste his time and saves money. Logically, a free service of such nature attracts many buyers and our waiting list guarantees that each customer receives personalized and truly professional attention. Do not worry, the wait will be well worth it.

I am a very busy person, how many viewings will I have to make?

You only go to those opportunities that really meet your search criteria and the technical requirements of suitability for the remodeling. On average, you will save 80% of the time you would have to spend if you faced this purchase process through the traditional way.

How long does it take to find the right house and remodel it?

Normally the search phase involves a few weeks but that will depend on the flexibility of the search criteria. In relation to the remodeling work this usually lasts a couple of months.

Am I obliged to hire you for the remodeling work after making the purchase?

No, but we advise you to do it if you want to make your dream house come true at an affordable price. After all, when we select a property it is because we see in it all its potential and we master the art of transforming it into a genuine space adapted to suit your likes and needs.

Why am I more likely to find the house of my dreams with Martina Homes?

Because we have access to the full stock of houses in need of remodeling in Malaga.

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