We master the art of converting common spaces into extraordinary places.

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Interior Design

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Martina Homes

Interior Design & Decoration

We master the art of converting common spaces into extraordinary places.

Discover your style

Interior Design

On-site & Online

Martina Homes

Interior Design & Decoration

We make life easier for people and their surroundings by carrying out comprehensive refurbishments ennobled by the value that interior design and decoration bring to the project. We are architects and interior designers, and we also have our own construction company to reduce costs, guarantee quality and ensure compliance with deadlines.

Something that has always been exclusive due to its price is now only exclusive due to quality.

& Online Service

Our Approach

By Celina Escobar

Founder and architecture manager

Harmony does not exist without proportion, rhythm and functionality, and without harmony there is no place for beauty. Achieving this balance requires analysis, creativity and passion for detail. That is why we throw ourselves into the design of each  project. This philosophy of craftsmanship prevents us from accepting “mass work”. We love carrying out projects for people who are devoted to converting their property or commercial premises into balanced, beautiful and unique places. Whether it is a comprehensive refurbishment or a new build, we are sure that we can help you to achieve your dream.



Clients trust us because we are transparent, and they see us as an open book that does not hide anything.

Size doesn’t matter


In the architectural world, projects of different sizes are equally as deserving of exclusive designs and perfect finishing touches: from a luxurious villa by the sea to a small apartment in the city centre. It is not the size of the project that attracts us, but rather the owner’s strong conviction in wanting to convert their property into a beautiful, cosy and friendly place, but also into a unique place with an unforgettable stamp.

It’s not the style, it’s you


La Gioconda or Sunflowers: there are people who find Mona Lisa’s smile fascinating and others who feel trapped by Van Gogh’s symbolic reality and hypnotising colours… What fascinates one person can mean nothing to another. Similarly, our refurbishments evoke the personality of each client, matching how each person feels and wants to live. We adapt to a huge variety of styles, from the classic to the most daring and sophisticated. One thing is for sure, the protagonist is not the style: it is you.


Why choose
Martina Homes?

10 reasons why trusting Martina Homes will benefit you.

We do not carry out projects in mass. We tackle each refurbishment project with the commitment of telling a unique story through an exclusive service that reverberates the client on an emotional level.

When you entrust the execution of comprehensive reform work to a contractor you become liable for potential damage to third parties. That is to say, if the contractor does not take charge of the claim for lack of civil liability insurance or breach any of the legal requirements, you will be the one who takes on the consequences. For you safety, in Martina Homes we scrupulously comply with all of the requirements set forth by law and we present you with the documentation that ratifies this when formalise the service contract.

We are architects and interior designers and we have our own construction company. The combination of all of there factors allows us to control and make the most of the construction process, which means that you receive a high quality service at a better price.

Our proposals are 100% transparent. You know what you pay and why you pay it.

We discover your likes, requirements and emotions in-depth using a methodology based on empathetic communication and personalised attention.

We understand interior design and decoration as an opportunity to conceive microcosms in which all of the elements coexist in harmony, allowing for spaces that go beyond functional to touch the soul of those who live in it.

Our perspective on the quality of the service is to carry out and inspiring refurbishment project, and efficient work execution with impeccable results and the fulfilment of the previously agreed deadlines. Punctuality in the completion of the work is one of our best virtues.

Love for detail inspires everything that we do, which guarantees an authentic and personalised design, as well as finishing touches of exceptional quality.

We free you of all of the hassle and obligations that a comprehensive refurbishment implicates: from applying for a work license to buying materials and accessories.

Thanks to 3D design images, you can see the finished result of the refurbishment before it begins, which allows you to make decisions without the fear of making mistakes.

How do
we do it?

On-site Service

Interior Design and Decoration in Malaga, Granada and Cordoba.

Preliminary Visit

Fill in our contact form and a member of our team will be in touch to arrange an appointment in which we gather all of the necessary information so that you first meeting with our architect will be truly beneficial. In the preliminary visit we do the following :

  • A questionnaire on the requirements and style to define the nature of the refurbishment project
  • Measuring and photos of the space
  • Basic information regarding our services

Briefing Meeting


This first meeting aims to get to know your tastes, requirements and objectives. Thanks to the information gathered from the preliminary visit, our architect comes to the meeting fully prepared not only to listen to you, but also to provide solutions and alternatives.

  • We analyse the result of the questionnaire on requirements and style with you
  • We evaluate and establish the scope of the project: objectives, priorities, budgets and deadlines.
  • We inspect critical points of the project on the premises and plan possible solutions

Conceptual design phase

In this step we explore and refine the ideas obtained in the briefing phase, converting them into a conceptual design that is nothing more than a general or schematic vision of the project presented in 2D.

At this stage lies the soul of creativity and innovation, hence it cannot be taken lightly or underestimated. We tackle important questions such as the analysis of the space and the interaction of the people that live in it. Moreover, we resolve aspects relating to luminosity, functionality and the estimated budget of the project. We involve you in a collaborative process in which we actively listen and propose creative ideas and solutions that aim to integrate your vision and requirements, making them work with the technical possibilities of the space. Following various meetings, plans and modifications, you approve the final conceptual design which will be developed in detail during the second phase.

Detailed design phase

We develop the previously approved conceptual design in detail and establish a deadline for the completion of the project. We define the floor plan, elevations and divisions of the space with exact measures. We bear everything in mind down to the last detail, including the location of windows, doors, electricity system, internet, air conditioning, household appliances, furnishings and choosing fabrics, textures and colours.

All of this creativity and design work will be presented to you through 2D plans and 3D images which allow you to visualise the finished result of the refurbishment work before it has started, preventing you from making any bad decisions. In this phase our architect meets with you as many times as necessary until your doubts have been cleared up. This, therefore, is when you are in the position to approve the detail design.


Shopping Phase

The average comprehensive refurbishment requires more than 20 types of materials, choosing from a huge spectrum of qualities and technical specifications. If good materials are bought, but they are not provided at the appropriate time due to bad planning and their installation is not carried out by expert professionals, the final result is usually mediocre and costly. At Martina Homes we plan the shopping list for materials according to the criteria of both efficiency and value for money and, more importantly, we have a team of professionals who specialise in their installation.


Executing the work

There is no point in investing effort, time and money in designing a comprehensive refurbishment project if numerous redirections and non-compliances occur during the execution of the work with respect to the “master plan”, or if the numerous setbacks that arise daily during a project are not able to be solved efficiently. This is precisely why, for us, it is essential to be able to comply with all of the specifications contained in the work project, which is why we founded our own construction company. By doing this, we can plan, control and execute the work according to the instructions and directions agreed with you and we can also control expenses.

Decoration Phase

Without respect for the basic principles of colour, lines, shapes and volumes, the decoration ends up frustrating the principles of beauty, functionality and balance that inspired the design of the refurbishment project. To avoid this, we elaborate a decoration plan in line with your taste, but also in perfect harmony with the refurbishment project. If you wish, we design exclusive custom made furnishings and advise you on the selection of all of the elements that are integrated in the plan. Nothing is left to chance, everything comes down to personalisation and a love for detail.


Online Service

Interior design and decoration. All online.

Our online service is the ideal solution if your property is not within the area where we provide our on-site service, but you want your refurbishment project to be executed in line with the parameters of creativity, beauty, functionality and balance contained in the interior architecture projects elaborated by Martina Homes.

Contact Us

Fill in this contact form  and a member of our team will be in touch with you. We will provide you with a variety of information in order to evaluate the scope of the project.


Briefing phase

Following an analysis of all of the information received, we organise a “Skype” meeting in which you will meet the architect responsible for the development of your project’s design. The main objective of this meeting is to get to know more about you, your requirements and desires in order to establish objectives and priorities. In this interview we propose new ideas, because ultimately this is what you pay us for, to be creative.

This phase does not close until we are sure that we have understood your vision. There is a reason why a deep knowledge of your needs and expectations is the quintessence of the empathic architecture that Martina Homes practice.


Concept design phase

When we talk about the concept, we are referring to the first generic vision of the project presented in 2D format which is based on the ideas discussed in the briefing phase. This design provides solutions relating to spatial distribution, luminosity, finishing touches and the budget. You will see that our conceptual designs are distinguished by their creativity and functionality.

A conceptual design that is not creative and highly resolute is not a good design. Once you approve the concept design, for which we will do as many modifications as necessary, we tackle the next stage where we move on to the detail.


Decoration Phase

Without a decoration strategy that harmonises colour, lines, shapes and values, it is possible that the aesthetic and even functional ambitions with which we design the refurbishment project are compromised. If you wish, we can make you a decoration plan so that both the furnishings and accessories are integrated consistently within the interior design.


Detailed design phase

Now it is time to refine the previously approved concept design and finalise the specifications of the finishing touches, luminosity, materials, walls, equipment, furniture layout and budget. To help you make decisions regarding the aesthetics and functionality of the design, we show you 3D images which allow you to visualise the general final result of the project without having started the work. It is a very collaborative phase in which you meet with our designer via “Skype” and make as many modifications as necessary until we are sure that all of the specifications are to your liking. When you finally approve the detail design, there is also the option that we take charge of managing the purchase of supplies.

By this point, you now have a definite refurbishment or execution project which you can carry out, transforming your property into the house of your dreams.


your plan

We take our client’s expectations very seriously, hence we do not offer any service plan with a predefined price. When it comes to design, each person and each property are complex realities that deserve thorough analysis and a personalised budget.
Choose your plan and we will elaborate a budget adapted to your needs and economic possibilities.
For properties located out with Malaga and Granada (Spain), select our Online Interior Design and Decoration Service.

On-site Service

Interior design and decoration in Malaga, Granada and Cordoba.

Interior Design

“We create, design and plan. You do the rest.”

  • Briefing meeting with the architect/interior designer via Skype
  • Concept design of refurbishment project in 2D (up to 3 versions)
  • Detail design of the project in 2D and 3D images
  • Specifications of finishing touches, luminosity, walls, materials and furniture positioning
  • Revision and modifications
  • Colour, texture and fabric selection
  • Virtual Home Personal Shopper service – Shopping List
  • Meetings to resolve doubts via Skype

Interior Design + Refurbishment + Decoration

We do everything

  • Concept design of refurbishment project in 2D (unlimited versions): current and future floor plans
  • Detail design of the project in 2D and 3D images
  • Specifications of finishing touches, luminosity, walls, materials and furniture positioning
  • Unlimited revision and modifications
  • Management of work licenses
  • On-site direction and supervision of the work by the architecture responsible for the project
  • Decoration plan (3D images): study of shapes, lines, volumes in their spatial context
  • Selection of custom made furniture
  • Compensation for non-compliance with deadlines

Offices & Local Premises

“Interior Design & Decoration”

  • Briefing meeting with the architect responsible for the project
  • Study of the functionality and usability of the space for an increase in productivity and rentability of the shop or office
  • Conceptual design of the refurbishment project in 2D (spatial distribution and furniture positioning plan)
  • Detail design in 3d images
  • Specifications of finishing touches, materials, equipment and luminosity
  • Unlimited modifications and revision
  • On-site direction and supervision by the architect responsible for the project
  • Decoration plan in 3D images: study of the harmony of decorative elements in their spatial context
  • Selection of furnishings and accessories
  • Virtual Home Personal Shopper service – Shopping list
  • Application for work, change of use and start of activity license

Online Service

Interior design and decoration. All online.

Refurbishment Project

Interior design and decoration

  • Briefing session with architecture via Skype
  • Concept design of the project in 2D: spatial distribution, luminosity and furniture positioning
  • Detail design of the project in 2D and 2D images
  • Selection of the most appropriate colours, textures and fabrics
  • Orientation in the select of furnishings which fit in best with your space
  • Consultancy and instructions to resolve your doubts
  • Virtual Home Personal Shopper service = Shopping list

When I visit a client’s house I get excited, not because of what it is, but because of what it could become with some love, creativity and work.”

Celina Escobar – Founder & Project Manager

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When I visit a client’s house I get excited, not because of what it is, but because of what it could become with some love, creativity and work.”

Celina Escobar – Founder & Project Manager

Fill in this form and a member of our team will be in touch with you.

I have read and accept the privacy policy

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