Real Estate & Architecture.


*Specialists in properties that need refurbishment

About us

Real Estate & Architecture.


*Specialists in properties
that need refurbishment

About us

We are an innovative company specialising in properties that need refurbishment that integrates real-estate boutique architecture to make life easier for people when buying, selling or refurbishing a property. We provide an on-site service in Malaga and Granada and a worldwide online service.

When it comes to buying or selling a property that needs refurbishment, our real-estate and architecture departments work together to make sure that you reach your goals quickly, with no risks and with a significant saving compared to the traditional method.

When the challenge is a comprehensive reform, whether it is your home or commercial premises, our technical department is here to help you make your dreams come true.


We know

…that it is overwhelming when you are faced with the buying, selling or refurbishment process of a property: too many middlemen, useless visits, excessive costs, mediocre results and a waste of time that you simply don’t have. This is precisely the reason that drove our founders to create Martina Homes. Whether you are buying, selling or refurbishing, we are the only people that you will have to deal with, which saves you time, money and means that you avoid a number of annoyances.

We love

…what we do because by joining real-estate and architecture we help lots of people to achieve their goals and dreams. For many people, trading and refurbishing a second-hand property is a stressful and complex process that we simplify and resolve through professionalism, passion for detail and a work methodology which differs from the traditional systems.


Our recipe for avoiding falling into mediocrity is called “service excellence” which is the habit of doing things well. It includes 9 basic ingredients:

Our devoted


Celina Escobar


Project Manager

A senior architect who graduated from the Superior Technical School of Architecture at the University of Granada.

PhD in sustainable architecture at the University of Nottingham (England).

Master’s Degree at the Architectural Association School of Architecture (London) and professor/coordinator of the Master’s in Renewable Energy at the International University of Andalusia.

After gaining invaluable experience in “Cruz y Ortiz”, one of the most prestigious architecture studios in Spain, she spent many years between England and China developing her expertise in the contraction of healthy and efficient urban spaces. This international experience enriched her artistic and creative vision, strengthening her ability to transform spaces through design. On her return to Spain, she focused on her passion for refurbishment and decorating homes and commercial premises and finally decided to co-found “Martina Homes” with the aim of making quality interior design available to everyone, hence the company provides an online service as well as its on-site offering.

Celina believes that each design must be distinguished by transmitting harmony, functionality and beauty. She states that, as well as being usually striking, the design of homes or commercial premises must be comfortable and useful. Clients always say that she gets involved in projects as if they were for herself. This is no surprise, given that Celina is a firm believer in empathetic architecture where communication with the client and a deep understanding of their requirements and desires is always a differential factor. When she takes on the execution of a new project you can always see her getting down to work and controlling everything down to the finest detail because “immersing herself” in the work is the only way she knows how to manage projects.

Her own quote highlights her vision:
“When design comes through the door, vulgarity jumps out of the window.”


Rafael Martínez-Galisteo


Operations Manager

Rafael is a licensed lawyer and civil, commercial and real-estate mediator (not exercising). He boasts a long career in the real-estate, creation of commercial networks and customer service sectors. His work experience has taken him all over Europe and Asia, including various stays in Japan that he took advantage of to investigate the world-renowned excellence of customer service practiced in the country.

To Rafael, it was always clear that the synergy resulting from the union of real-estate and architecture services would greatly facilitate the trading processes of properties that need refurbishment, supposing a significant saving of time and money for the clients. Therefore, to him, creating Martina Homes was the logical response to a necessity.
One of his favourite quotes comes from a Michael Jackson song: “If you want to make the world a better place, take a look at yourself, and make a change.”

To Rafael, Martina Homes embodies the ideal way of improving the life and surroundings of people through change and constant innovation.


Construction Team

Work Supervisors

In the same way that a good orchestra needs excellent musicians capable of playing the score, a construction team must rely on official experts, labourers, installers, assemblers, etc. capable of executing the specifications and directions involved in the refurbishment project. At Martina Homes we are lucky because we have some excellent construction teams managed by our two supervisors: Javier Solís and Antonio Ruiz. Both have a vast career in the world of construction and enjoy their profession because it is a natural vocation that they felt from a very young age. They are fully aligned with the high-quality standards established by Martina Homes and proof of this is the perfection of the finishing touches in all of our work, which is not only an aesthetic question, but also a functional one.


Arturo Escobar

Area manager
The German Market

Arturo graduated from the University of Granada with a degree in computer engineering and is currently completing his degree in psychology through the Spanish National Distance University. He has worked as a Project Manager for important, well-known companies of international prestige and at Martina Homes he is in charge of managing the German market. He is a true expert in the optimisation of all kinds of business procedures.
Currently, as well as fulfilling the tasks of his job, he is investigating what will be a new line of service in Martina Homes titled “Emotional Homes”. With this new project headed by Artuto in collaboration with the technical department, we will succeed in optimising the emotional impact that the design of the space has on people’s lives through the application of psychological techniques and processes.


What better reward than feeling harmony within oneself?
When we help those who need it most, we know that we are doing the right thing and are taken over by a feeling of balance and happiness.

Collaborating with the culture that defends the need to help those less fortunate is important to us. We are currently very focused on the collaboration with charities that carry out social action and development projects targeting health, child education and the construction of decent homes.

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